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Want to be a coach? HeaR what our parents are saying!

“My children (Marlie & Ziggy) have participated in several sessions of soccer, both indoor and outdoor, as well as, homeschool gym. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we LOVE the sports programs at the YMCA! All of the coaches have been awesome—especially Coach Slick! My children had Coach Slick for Homeschool Gym and also as a soccer coach this last session and I have to say he is AMAZING! He has so much energy and skills- the kids idolize him! My daughter is autistic/ADHD and can be very difficult at times. I’m so impressed with the way Coach Slick handles and motivates her and all of the other children! We are looking forward to having him as a coach again very soon! (On a side note, we were going to move back to New Jersey, but I’ve decided to stay here and my decision was based solely on the sports programs at the Y! I can’t thank you all enough!” - Mia Winston


When I asked you to provide training to our U9 soccer team I was hoping their ball skills would improve as well as their confidence on the ball. But those expectations were greatly surpassed.

Not only did the kids improve their ball skills, but they also learned how to play the ball out of the back, began trying to work combinations instead of just trying to play hero ball. Despite have a wide breadth of talent and ability on the team, all of the kids from the best to the 12th man improved. We had multiple kids trying and successfully pulling of maradonas, and using their body to win and keep the ball. On top of that, instead of kicking the ball in the air every time, they learned to keep it on the ground so that they reduced the amount of 50/50 balls. They also stopped kicking the ball out of bounds on defense and started to win the possession and keep possession.

The improvements were so great that we are looking forward to having you back in the fall to continue the training. I’d also add that for greater improvement that your futsal course that you coach is incredibly valuable. The players who participated in that showed a higher level of improvement then those that did not. Our parents and team believe in you so much that we are asking for a team training course in futsal over the summer.

I’d highly recommend to any coach, that if they want their kids to improve in foot skills, teamwork, and overall soccer knowledge, that they should bring you on as their team trainer.

One last thing, and this is highly important. You have the patience of a saint. Coaching boys that are 7, 8 and 9 requires a person who can clearly give instruction and understands that their attention span is incredibly short. Every drill you asked them to do was easily expandable and built off the previous drill without requiring a long setup time in between. This kept the kids thinking by constantly asking them to achieve something new or different.

By the end of the year the kids were eagerly looking forward to working with Edgar which is a great sign! Again, thank you for everything you have done for us. Looking forward to seeing how the kids improve over the next year!

- Mike Ryan

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