One on One or Group Training Sessions

  • Help you stay motivated and committed to your exercise program
  • Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper training techniques
  • Break out of your fitness plateau by challenging you
  • Rev up stale exercise routines with fresh approaches to your workout


  • Help you set realistic and attainable goals
  • Develop a  program specific to your individual needs, health status, and limitations
  • Provide positive encouragement, motivation, and accountability



Pricing and Information

Individual Personal training

30- Minute Sessions

30- Minute Sessions:

1-30 Minute Session: $21

5-30 Minute Sessions:  $95


1 Hour Sessions

1-1 hour session:  $32

3-1 hour sessions:  $90

5-1 hour sessions: $150


Small Group personal training Sessions

30- Minute Sessions

1-30 Minute:  $15/ each person

3-30 Minute Sessions:  $40/ each person


1 Hour Sessions

1-1 Hour Session: $20/ each person

3- 1 Hour Sessions:  $55/ each person


NEW for 2018!  Private Yoga Individual Sessions

One hour sessions based on client needs and can be tailored to the individual based on assessments. A 30 minute evaluation session will start the overall training.

1 Hour Sessions

1-1 hour session:  $32

3-1 hour sessions:  $90

5-1 hour sessions:  $150


Contact the Wellness Department to schedule!  717-632-8211 X229