Youth Gymnastics  


Fantastic 4
This class is for 4-year-olds who have participated in 1 year of Gym Monkeys and are physically, mentally, and socially prepared to move to the “Big Gym”.  Fantastic 4’s follow the Beginner Gymnastics Curriculum.

This class is for children ages 5 & Up who have progressed through our preschool program or who are new to Gymnastics.  Beginners follow our “Rainbow Achievement Curriculum” and are evaluated twice a year.

This class is for children ages 6 & Up who have successfully completed Beginner Gymnastics.  Intermediates follow our “Rainbow Achievement Curriculum” and are evaluated twice a year.
Girls and Boys who attain proficiency in the above classes may be invited to move to one of our pre-competitive levels.  Information on those levels can be found on our Team page.


What will my child learn?

*Fitness – early exposure to physical activity promotes self esteem and lowers the risk of obesity, asthma, and other health issues

*Physical strength – climbing and swinging skills

*Flexibility and long-term enhanced range of motion

*Balance and coordination

*Motor Skill development – locomotor activities, controlled movement of arms, legs, head, and torso

*Kinaesthetic awareness – ability to control arms and legs while inverted, jumping, swinging, and twisting

*Mental Focus – concentrating on a task and achieving goals

*Cross training – develops coordination and motor skills vital to all sports.  Gymnastics is the root of all physical activity.

*Gymnastics promotes reading readiness and mathematical understanding.


For more information about our programs contact Lisa Pratt, Gymnastics Director at 632-8211 or