Lets Be Well, Together

4 New Ways to Be Well at The Y

From food and nutrition guidance to life coaching and massage services, the Y will be there on your health and wellness journey, every step of the way.


Food and Nutrition Guidance

Want to improve eating habits to make lifelong lifestyle changes? Lose weight or improve athletic performance? That’s where a Registered Dietician comes in!  Here at the Y, we believe in educating about the connection of food, fitness, and health to help you on your health and wellness journey. Through healthy eating habits and proper nutrition,  we can be there to help an individual reach their goals!

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Massage and Therapeutic Services

Through a variety of new massage therapy services, the Y will help you relieve stress, relax or revive overworked muscles. We are now offering sports massage therapy as well asMyofascial Release Therapy in addition to regular massage therapy sessions.

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Leadership/ Life Coaching and Etiquette

The answer is within you!  Life coaching is based on the principle that the client has the intrinsic ability to determine, move forward and achieve their goals. Through a thought-provoking process, the coach helps you define yourself, recognize your personal and professional potential, and embrace the journey of a life you envision.

Now introducing Etiquette Coaching to focus on socialization skills as well as effective communication and increasing confidence all ages. 

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