Weight Loss

YMCA Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss

  • Want to lose weight, but not sure how?
  • Is your weight going up, but not sure how to stop it?
  • Lose weight only to regain it?
  • Exercising, but not losing weight?
  • At a plateau in your weight loss?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our expert Nutritionist can help! At the YMCA Nutrition Coaching and weight loss, you’ll work with a nutritionist and weight loss expert! Dana Alexander, BS Food Nutrition Science, Drexel University will teach you how to lose weight, stay satisfied, and keep it off! In addition, Dana will help you break free from yo-yo dieting!

Our YMCA weight loss programs are individualized with supportive coaching to help you reach your goals! No fad diets! No fake foods, powders, or pills! Our program encourages you to enjoy real, satisfying foods that will improve health and help you lose the weight! What's the best diet? We don't believe one diet fits everyone! How could it? Every person is unique with different food preferences, health history, lifestyle, exercise habits etc. and we will customize your weight loss program to maximize your success. This allows us to develop a program that you can succeed with, lose the weight, and create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

Need assistance with reaching your goals? If so, we can help! Our nutrition coaching is conveniently located in ALL branches of the Hanover YMCA.

Nutrition Coaching, our weight loss programs include the following:

  •  One on one support and motivation with our weight loss expert and Nutritionist
  •  A personalized nutrition & weight loss program designed uniquely for you
  •  A customized meal plan to help you lose weight
  •  Recommendations on how much and what types of exercise to do for weight loss
  •  Nutrition education from one of the top experts in the field

 Coaching and motivation to help you reach your goals In addition:

  •  Learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good
  •  Learn how to incorporate your favorite foods and still lose weight
  •  Enjoy a program that allows you to stay satisfied
  •  Improve your health and lower the risk of chronic disease
  •  Understand how to use food to increase your energy
  •  Revitalize your health and feel great
  •  Learn about the benefits of whole foods nutrition

How does the program work?

You’ll meet with Nutritionist Dana Alexander, BS Food Nutrition Science from Drexel University for a comprehensive nutrition assessment. She’ll learn more about your health and dieting history, past successes and challenges with weight loss, eating and exercise habits, and any medications or supplements you may be taking. In addition, and most importantly, we'll talk about your health and weight loss goals and expectations and develop a comprehensive weight loss program to help you achieve success. Your program will include a customized nutrition and meal plan, behavioral strategies to stay on track, and exercise guidance. .

We'll also discuss strategies to help you manage cravings and how to stay on track during challenging times such as traveling, holidays, night time eating, eating at the workplace, or other situations that may throw you a curve. You'll feel more confident about your ability to handle whatever food and exercise challenge comes your way!

As both a Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer, Dana has the expertise to provide guidance on exercise for weight loss. Dana will review your current exercise regimen and if you are not physically active, can make recommendations on how to get started safely, gradually, and effectively. Dana will recommend what types of exercise to do and how frequently, all while recommending activities you enjoy!

In addition, Dana offers ongoing support and follow-up weight loss coaching to help ensure that you lose the weight and keep it off for good!

Need to learn more? Call for a free 10 minute phone consultation! Are you ready to schedule an appointment? Please call us today at 717-632-8211 X248.

Individual sessions

1-30 minute session 5-30 minute sessions Group sessions 1-30 minute session 5-30 minute sessions

$30 $140

$20 each individual $90 each individual