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Fitter and Faster Swim Tour with Olympic Swimmer Cammile Adams

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Most swimmers don't know the proper technique that will allow for maximum performance. Learn from one of the FASTEST swimmers IN THE WORLD: two-time Olympian Cammile Adams!

Sign up now for this FFT swim clinic designed to take your swimming to the next level. (NOTE SIGN UP IS VIA THE LINK BELOW AND NOT THROUGH THE YMCA)

Cammile will lead two sessions designed for competitive swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

Saturday November 11, 2017:

  • Ages 11 & Under
    Check-in: 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    Event: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

11U Registration:  CLICK HERE

  • Ages 12 & Older
    Check-in: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    Event: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

12U Registration:  CLICK HERE

Scroll down for details on the curriculum. Space is VERY limited!

11 & UNDER CURRICULUM: Butterfly Blastoff

Get ahead of the competition at this FFT swim clinic focusing on teaching you the proper technique for a faster and more efficient butterfly! Work with two-time Olympian Cammile Adams to improve your overall race performance.�

Butterfly: Butterfly does not have to be the hardest stroke. In fact, the fastest butterflyers in the world have developed the technique necessary to swim fast AND relaxed. Cammile will go over the key areas of fast butterfly technnique which includes:

  • A strong bodyline
  • A powerful kick
  • Strong arm pulls
  • A low breath
  • Good Timing

Improve your butterfly stroke technique by learning from a butterfly Olympian at this unique swim clinic!

12 & OVER CURRICULUM: Blast Through The Turns

Accelerate into each wall and then use your momentum to carry your speed through the turn and into your underwater dolphin kicking. The 5th stroke (underwater dolphin kicking) is essential to becoming an elite swimmer. Learn from two-time Olympian Cammile Adams how to breakout ahead of the competition!

  • Open Turns: The open turn is often done incorrectly. Extra movements are added in that slow swimmers down. Keep it simple by spinning backwards and keeping your elbows in close. If you listen closely to Scott; he will show you how he each became the fastest swimmer in the country through the turn.

  • Underwater Dolphin Kicking: Absolutely, undeniably, the fastest way to move through the water and the MOST MISSED OPPORTUNITY for faster times! Let our Olympian clinician teach you how to make the most of your underwater kicking, as well as teach you drills on how to improve upon those skills. Strong and fluid undulations will allow you to blast through your underwater and pass up the competition.

  • BREAKOUTS: Carrying the speed from your under waters into the first stroke is crucial for maintaining momentum. Learn the key components of a breakout that will make you more confident during a race!