Littlestown Community Pool

The Littlestown Community Pool at the YMCA follows a banding system to ensure the safety of our children. All children ages 3-14 must have a swim band.

TEST- Swim 25 yards unassisted without resting, tread water for 1 minute with head fully above the water, back float for 30 seconds with head above the water, jump into the water submerge and return to the surface and exit the pool safely. 

Green Band- Swimmers that pass the swim test may access all pool areas including the slide. If 10 years or older, children are permitted in the pool grounds alone. 

Yellow Band- Swimmers that partially pass the swim test (can swim at least halfway of 25 yards) may have access to all of the shallow water and areas where they can stand flat footed. They may NOT enter the deep zone or ride the slide. Must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) in the pool grounds area. 

Red Band- Non-swimmers ages 3-14 who do not take or pass a portion of the swim test. Child MUST be accompanied by an actively engaged adult (18 years or older) IN the water within an arm’s reach.