You are cordially invited to become a member of the Heritage Foundation of Hanover Area YMCA.  Our Foundation Members are a special group of men and women who believe in the tradition and mission of the YMCA and want to ensure that this heritage is continued for future generations.


A growing number of YMCA members and friends have joined the YMCA Heritage Foundation by incorporating gifts into their financial and estate planning. Fund distributions benefit various YMCA programs and projects.

 If you would like more information about charitable giving and the Heritage Foundation of Hanover Area YMCA, please contact:

Tara Kauffman
Financial Development Director

Liam Behrens
Chief Executive Officer


Heritage Foundation Members

W.Y. Alleman
Allfirst Bank
Louise Anderson
Clair Bange
Clair & Margaret Bange
Bank of Hanover
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baum
David & Carol Benfield
Allen & Mary Bittinger
Andy & Sharon Brough
In Memory of Tom Caler
William B. & Alice E. Combs
Dr. & Mrs. Todd DeVan
In Memory of W. Todd DeVan
Ivan C. Dutterer, Inc.
Barbara & S. Forry Eisenhart, Jr.
Don & Mary Ann Fiery
Linda & Kevin Flannery
Douglas & Vivian Gent
P.H. Glatfelter III
In Memory of Edward Gobrecht & Carroll Lingg
In Memory of Grover C. Gouker
In Memory of Thomas R. Harding
Andy Hoffman & Bobbi Little
James Huber
In Memory of Lana J. Kelly
Todd & Carol Kennedy
Gene & Sheila Latta
In Memory of George Lawrence
Lavern & Brenda Leese
Leister’s Furniture, Inc.
Kenneth & Ruth Leister
In Memory of Kenneth W. Leister
Tom & Vicki Leister

In Memory of Virginia S. Markel
G. Steven McKonly
Linda W. McKonly
Mark & Pamela Meabon
Sarah & Victor McCloskey
Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corporation
Dave & Kim Muela
Clinton N. Myers Foundation, Inc.
In Memory of Ruby Myers
Barry & Nancy Newton
Oppedal Family
In Memory of W.T. Osborne
In Memory of Jerry Overbaugh
In Memory of Robert L. Pagel
John J. and Janet L. Rego
In Memory of F.X. Rice
Herbert P. Rutters
In Memory of Kenneth Sanders
Leslie & Barbara Savino
Lawrence B. Sheppard Foundation
Christine Smith
Donald B. Smith
Paul E. & Josephine Spears
Bruce Stair
James & Cynthia Staub
Megan P. Sunday
Kurt & Barb Thomas & Family
Arlene Utz Hollinger Foundation
Robert & Leah VanSant
Alan Warehime
In Memory of Charles “Chis” Warner
T. Lawrence & Peggy A. Way
Wheat First Union
In Memory of John Winand