Youth Athletic Development

When it comes to athletic development… we want you in the game.

Fine tune your skills, learn new ones. Build your speed and agility and maximize overall athletic abilities. All of our sport specific academies are for athletes of all ages and any skill level. These programs specialize in giving athletes the opportunity to have hands on training and progress through evaluations by Coach John Grap- basketball and lacrosse, Coach Lawrence Williams-basketball, Liz Giffin- volleyball, and Pro Harrisburg Heat player and Y Coach, Edgar Godoy-soccer and futsal. The sessions are designed for the student athlete to gain more knowledge of how to play the game, prepare for game time situations, understand team play, gain self-confidence and be around a fun environment. Sessions help players to develop and build relationships with other athletes, learn a healthy competitive edge, how to win and lose with respect, basic team concepts, setting and using screens, and position specialized training.

Days/ Times: Varies per athlete’s needs

Location: Varies per coach

Contact: Mary Wells 717-632-8211 X405 to book your 1:1 sessions