Aquatic Class Descriptions

AQUA FUNCTION: Warm water pool shallow water exercise to help keep you moving for your daily activities. (Active Older Adults)

HINGES AND TWINGES: Warm water pool arthritis program that uses stretching and movements for relief of aches, pains, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  (Active Older Adults)

SENIOR AQUATICS: Warm water pool low impact shallow water exercise, calisthenics, and conditioning. (Active Older Adults)

DEEP WATER AQUA: 25 meter pool low impact aquatics class that will challenge you and help you develop, strengthen, and tone your muscles. A variety of equipment is used to add resistance to your workout. (All Fitness Levels)

WATER IN MOTION PLATINUM: 25 meter pool shallow water low impact workout. Workout for improving cardiovascular endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. (Active Older Adults)

WATER IN MOTION: 25 meter pool high energy, calorie burning workout. The cross training effects that water provides reduces the impact on your joints. (All Fitness Levels) 

AQUA BOOT CAMP: 25 meter pool blend workout focusing on flexibility, strength training, balance, and cardiovascular endurance while using equipment for resistance. (All Fitness Levels)