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Club Volleyball is back at the Hanover Area YMCA!

Local level teams are designed for younger athletes who are just beginning or our older athletes who are looking for a fun environment to play and get better without as much of a time or financial commitment that the other levels require.  These teams will practice once or twice per week & the tournament schedule will include single day region events & local multi-day events for the older teams (u15w-18s), and single day region events & “in house” events for our younger teams (u12-14s) .

Projected Local Tournament Schedule*

  • Blue Ribbon Brawl (York, PA; 15-18s)
  • Irish Rumble (Lancaster, PA; 15-18s)
  • AAU Grand Prix (Lancaster, PA; 15-18s)
  • Single Day Region Events
  • In House Tournaments (U13-14s)

*Projected tournament schedule only.  Schedule subject to change pending acceptance to all above events*

Projected Local Cost: $1200 (u15-18s), $750 (u14s & below)